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This mailing was made Thursday March 19th by impact of the coronavirus (Covid-19) to the business community of Hagfors municipality.

Hi there!

It feels as we are now in one of the most disruptive times for a very long time. The uncertainty about the near future is great and new information or recommendations come every day. In this extraordinary situation we from the municipality would like to get an appreciation about how the situation is in the business community of Hagfors. Based on the general situation and signals from a national perspective we know that some businesses, such as the hotels and restaurants, are affected quickly. We also hear more local signals from sole companies that are not so much affected by the situation or where other factors such as new order intakes instead cause a positive development. To get as good and nuanced picture as possible it would be interesting to receive signals from you who are in a difficult situation and may be facing notice and terminations as well as from you who feel that you are relatively stable although the uncertainty remains for some time to come.

We are therefore grateful if you can take the time to email us information about your current situation. You who feel that everything is as it normally is do of course not need to send us any information unless you want to. This is of course no requirement only a desire from us to get as good a picture of the situation as possible. We also sometimes get questions from a regional as well as a national perspective about our picture of the situation and then it would be nice if our picture is similar to your reality.

If you have any particular questions given the situation don´t hesitate to contact us. Given the general uncertainty it is not easy for anyone to know what roads to take but sometimes it can be better to raise the issue and discuss it together.

Greetings from us who work with business issues

Lars Sätterberg, development director


0563-187 76


Fredrik Igelström, business development


0563-187 43


Peter Törnqvist, project manager


0563-187 64


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