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Information to affected food business operators in Hagfors municipality

Today on March 25th Folkhälsomyndigheten (the public health authority), in collaboration with smittskyddsförordningen (disease regulation) has issued a regulation about how restaurants, canteens, bars, cafes, school canteens and catering businesses in the whole country needs to take special measures to decrease the risk of spreading covid-19.

Visitors shall eat and drink sitting at a table. Staff will carry the orders to the table. If it is possible to let guests order and pick up their food and drinks on their own that is allowed as long as it does not lead to crowding or queues. Take-out can be handed over as usual as long as it can be done without people crowding.

The regulation does not forbid serving of buffets or take-away but the intention is to stop crowding by the buffet and checkout. The distance between the tables needs to be expanded so that visitors will keep a distance to one another.

The owner of the business is responsible for having routines in their self-monitoring to make the risk of infection as small as possible. The infectious disease doctor can after consultation with the municipality make the decision to close businesses that do not meet the requirements.

If there are any questions contact miljö- och byggavdelningen (environment- and construction department) via 0563-185 00.


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